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From the mines of Minnesota to the quarries thruout the United States, we have created a unique candle concept with an original look for each and every rock.  While  the images of each individual rock has it's own unique makeup, please know that due to the composite  of all rocks we find in their settings, there will be some variance,  that in itself will create the uniqueness of your purchase.  We hope you enjoy our "Fire Rocks".

We have hundreds of various styles and will be adding them to our website shortly.  If you are looking for something special, please  feel free in sending us a message by using our Contact Us  form.   We will respond back to you within one business day.  We would love to hear from you!  To enlarge the image below, just click on each image.

Fire Rocks USA is a great gift for everyone.  For your convenience we have created a beautiful hand crafted wood box built here in Duluth MN.  Each box includes a bottle of oil and a funnel to allow you to enjoy your gift immediately.  We will put it on our Product Catalog page shortly.  

Our E-Commerce for purchasing our Fire Rocks USA will be live by August 1st.  Thank you for visiting us.  If you wish to contact us now, please go to our Contact Us  page and send us a message.


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