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We are honored to be the Editors Pick in the March Issue of  Green Living Magazine .

From the mines of Minnesota to the quarries thru out the United States, we have created a unique candle concept with an original look for each and every rock. While the images of each individual rock has its own unique makeup, please know that due to the composite of all rocks we find in their settings, there will be some variance, that in itself will create the uniqueness and exclusive originality of your purchase. No two rocks will ever look exactly the same.  We hope you enjoy our "Fire Rocks". We have hundreds of various styles and will be adding them to our website frequently.


If you are looking for something special, please feel free in sending us a message by using our Contact Us form. We will respond back to you within in a short period of time.  We would love to hear from you! To enlarge the images below, just click on each image.  Fire Rocks USA is a great gift for everyone.


Most of our rocks range from $60-$90. They will vary in price based on size, style, number of  wicks wicks.  For our custom rocks, prices will vary and shipping fees will be determined by size and weight of each rock. Fire Rocks USA  will create a special order as per your request. Give us a call. We would be happy to discuss and answer any of your questions. Fire Rocks USA is unique in the sense every rock is a "one of a kind" and will last a lifetime. We want our clients to know that every rock has it's unique color and texture.  We will always strive to provide that special rock for you as closely as you have envisioned.

Cap Fire Rocks

Single to Four Wick Fire Rocks


Custom  Fire Rocks

Our Fire Rocks


Single Flame  Rock Candle - Brown

Single Wick Fire Rock

Single Flame Fire Rock Candle-Brown

Single Wick Fire Rock

Single Flame Rock Candle- Brown

Single Wick Fire Rock

Two Flame Brown Rock Candle

Two Wick Fire Rock

Two Rock Candle-Two Layers

Two Wick Fire Rock

Three Flame Grey Rock Candle

Three Wick Fire Rock

Three Rock Candle-Brown

Three Wick Cap Fire Rock

Three Flame Rock Candle - Brown

Three Wick Fire Rock

Four Flame-Double Layer Rock Candle-Brown

Four Wick Fire Rock

Four Flame Light Grey Rock Candle

Four Wick Fire Rock

Five Flame-Two Layer- Brown Rock Candle

Five Wick Fire Rock

Single Flame-Double Layer-Brown Rock Candle

Single Wick Cap Fire Rock
Single - Double Layer-Grey Rock Candle
Single Wick Cap Fire Rock

Two Double Layer - Brown Rock Candle

Two Wick Cap Fire Rock

Ring of Fire Grey Rock Candle

Ring Of Fire - Fire Rock

Single Stacked Tower Brown Rock Candle

Single Wick Tower Fire Rock

Water and Fire Rock Candle

 Water and  Fire - Fire Rock

Ring of Fire Rock Candle

Ring Of Fire - Fire Rock

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