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From our friends in NC.  Brian and Carrie Hershman ~  Huntersville, NC


"The fire rock I purchased for my dining room table. When I get a new house I will be getting more."   Kendall Blasi

"The Last Supper"   We love our Fire Rock.  Linda

I was looking for a bowl to put on my coffee table when I came across a booth selling Fire Rocks. I was fascinated by the colors and the size of the rocks. I walked around but found myself back .at their booth. I picked out a smaller rock for my bookshelf. But when it came time to pay I was
drawn to a much larger rock! I decided to get the one and put it on my coffee table. It was by .far the correct decision as it looks great and draws many compliments.

The added bonus was the .customer service. They explained everything about the process and never tried upselling me. Attached a picture I took. The coffee table is very big so you can guess how big and heavy this rock is! If you’re looking for something unique this is it!   Ron R.

"I love to decorate my kitchen counter  with this Fire Rock for every holiday."    Rina Mc Manus

You can place this Fire Rock under any of your countertops and on the counter. No smoke or burning of cabinets. Low flame with no smoke or soot.

Our new Fire Rock purchased today at the Cranberry Festival in Eagle River, WI. Enjoying it our deck with a bottle of nice red wine and some cranberry cheese also purchased at the festival. We LOVE our beautiful fire rock!❤️  Hope you had a successful show.

One of our recent clients ~ Sheri Fyle ~ Shared her newest purchase.

Four Flame Fire Rock Candle

Promised to share. Luv my FireRock!      Kathy Jacobs

Three Flame Lake Superior Fire Rock Candle

A photo for you, now that everything is settled :)   Siri & Zack

Three Flame Flat Fire Rock Candle

Hi There,
Thank you so much for making the perfect rock for me. I love it. So nice to meet you at Barrett Jackson. Hope I didn't interrupt your lunch. hahaha.


Double Layer Single Fire Rock Candle

This is Al and Monica and here is a pic of one of the fire rocks. We love them, I'll be sending you a pic of the black one too. Thank you very much.


Nine Flame Fire Rock Candle

Hi, Cary & Riki--not sure if I sent these to you earlier. We love our menorah! Thanks.

Carol Salinger


Two Flame Fire Rock Candles

I bought these from you in Burlington today and I told you they were going on my 10-foot granite table.  Here are pictures of them. They're beautiful.

Denise Phillips

Large Two Flame Multi Brown Fire Rock Candle

We just love it!  ~Julie




Four Flame Fire Rock CandleThree Flame Double Layer Brown Fire Rock CandleFour Flame Fire Rock Candle

Cary & Riki,
Sorry, we are so late – almost forgot to send you pictures of the lovely rock fires we purchased at the Home show earlier this year.  Enjoying them!  Hope sales are booming for you up north.   Peg & Jamie Pound


Fire Rock CandleTwo Fire Rock Two Flame Fire Rock CandlesMultiple Fire Rock Candle

Our client's Chris and Heidi purchased two of our  Fire Rock candles at Art In The Park in  Brainerd, MN  this summer and wanted to show us how they looked on their deck table.  We so appreciate seeing how you are enjoying your candles and sharing your photos with us.

"We love our firerock. We found the UltraPure at Fleet Farm.  Linda and John Estrem."

Three Fire Rock Candle

One of our clients sent this photo of a Fire Rock he purchased for his wife to celebrate their anniversary. We love the fact that our rocks appeal to both men and women for gifts.  Happy Anniversary!

Riki  & Cary McManus

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